"Our aim is to tackle the issues of gender inequality by introducing young girls to inspirational women from an early age. We want to spread the stories of women who have made their mark to inspire women who will."


We are Mercury, a Young Enterprise company established in October 2020, based in South West London.

As we are entirely made up of female students, we understand the significance of having female role models that we can look up to and we’re passionate about creating something that will inspire younger girls while being fun and engaging.

Puzzlette aspires to do just this.

We are dedicated to creating a fun and informative family experience which engages, entertains and educates young girls in a world where women make up only 28% of the STEM workforce.

We believe that by exposing young girls to different role models from various backgrounds and cultures, we can encourage them to break boundaries and excel in all paths of life, while participating in a fun learning activity, encouraging families to spend time together. Our core values are teamwork, collaboration, creativity and quality. At our company, we create a productive and friendly environment where all members of the team can share their thoughts and ideas to efficiently produce a great service together.

What is Young Enterprise?

Young Enterprise is a national charity established in 1962 who specialise in enterprise and financial education. YE works directly with young adults, teachers and volunteers with their many programmes, inspiring personal development and confidence in the professional world. Through taking part in the student company start-up scheme, we have been on an enriching journey which has allowed us to gain useful business acumen and acquire new skills.