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Puzzlette is a two in one jigsaw puzzle and educational board game, designed to celebrate the stories of 7 inspirational women, past and present.


With one side of the puzzle being a beautiful hand-drawn illustration and the other being a fun and informative trivia game about the women, Puzzlette entertains, but also educates!

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406 x 304 mm

Jigsaw 204pcs 406x304mm BACK.jpg

Both sides of the puzzle were drawn by talented local artist and student at The Tiffin Girls' School, Ella Burke.

Find more of her work on Instagram @artbyellaaa or by clicking here.

The quotes included on both the board game and illustration were submitted by students at our school. As a team, we felt it was important to connect with the community around us and hear how our chosen figures inspire young women.

Included in your Puzzlette order:

Double-sided puzzle + board game (204 pieces)

4 Counters

50 Question cards

1 Die

Jigsaw 204pcs 406x304mm BACK.jpg

Learn more about our board game by reading the game instructions below!


 Game Objective: 

To hold the most cards when the game ends. The game ends when all the cards have been earned by the players.

 How to Play: 

  • Roll the dice and move according to the number thrown

  • When you land on a colour, take a question card from the pile corresponding to the colour and answer one question on it.

  • If you get the answer correct, you keep the card! If you get it wrong, put it back in the pile.

If you land on...

  • STEAL: if you get the question right, steal a card from another player

  • EXTRA POINTS: if you get the question right, one of your cards earns the value of 3 cards

  • ADD ONE: take an extra question card - no questions asked!

  • LOSE ONE: return a question card to the pile


If you land on a colour and all the corresponding cards are taken, have one extra roll. If on your second roll, you land on a colour that has available cards, play as normal. If on your second roll you land on a colour that does not have available cards, wait until your next turn to play again.

TIP: Here's a little hack for anyone who's desperate to start the board game, after completing the other side of the puzzle: use some cardboard to flip it over and start beating your friends and family at the trivia!